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Millstone Farm and Organics 

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Step waaaay forward – and back to a time and place of intentional, wholesome living. Millstone Farm & Organics is a family run farm. Renowned for their freshly milled gluten free flour & mixes, they also make organic laundry soap, pure essential oils, natural wool dryer balls and grow produce, herbs and have pastured organic eggs.


From the finest of organic milled flour to their “new” forever egg carton, the products produced and conceptualized on this dedicated, loving farm will more than amaze you - they will change you! See and learn the gentle ways at Millstone Farm and Organics! Beautiful -living!


Saturday, August 27th and Sunday August 28th (10:00am - 5:00pm)
Flour Milling Demonstrations and guided tours of their vertical garden will be offered
Browse their sweet little farm shop to purchase your farm fresh and zero waste products

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710 Towner Park Rd, North Saanich

(778) 350-1455

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For regular open hours, check this vendor's website!

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