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What is Flavour Trails?

The Flavour Trails® Programs promote and organize community celebrations that provide opportunities to experience the quality and creativity of the Capital Region’s harvesters, farmers, fishers, food producers, chefs, vintners, cider makers, brewers and distillers.  

By connecting communities to local farmers, growers and makers, Flavour Trails contributes to the growth and sustainability of the local food economy, igniting community-wide learning of our regional food producers and creating deeper          “first-name basis” relationships with the wonderful makers, farmers and growers on our bustling agricultural landscape.

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More about the Flavour Trails Program...

Flavour Trails programs meet a burgeoning audience interest and consumer demand for knowledge of, and access to, local food/agricultural experiences and celebrations centered on the local food economy. Flavour Trails programs have gained significant popularity in regions and communities throughout the world, engaging and entertaining crowds who become lifelong consumers!  

The Flavour Trails Program team is a leading event promotions and delivery crew who support community organizations and festival organizers create engaging, entertaining and educational local food celebrations.  

Flavour Trails Program resources include a dedicated website and digital media platform, a robust media and public relations campaign, key community partnerships, and advertising and promotions plans. It's our brand promise that you’ll have fun on Flavour Trails! 

Flavour Trails Program Partnerships

Check out some of the programs and events that are already happening in partnership with Flavour Trails... yours could be next! 

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North Saanich

Flavour Trails Festival

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Savour Saanich

Flavour Trails Festival

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Greater Victoria Flavour Trails

Agritourism Experiences 

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Join us! 

We invite you to join us on the trail to explore ways your organization can both contribute to supporting your community’s connection to their local food sources and benefit from the significant consumer reach, media and partner channels of influence we have created. For more information contact:

Krista Larsen

Program, Events and Partnership Development Manager

        250 881-5275

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