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Repair Cafe

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Repair Cafe is an idea that has sparked imaginations around the world. The idea is simple but powerful: rather than throwing away your lamp that needs a new switch (or your pants that need a tear mended...or your small appliance that needs a new thingy-ma-bob), bring them to the Repair Cafe.


Here, volunteers skilled in the arts of sewing, small appliance electronics, bike repair or woodworking will fix your item while you watch and learn. You will go home with a fixed item, a sense of empowerment in learning a new skill, and the good feeling that comes from giving your item a second life!

If you can carry it in, we will look at it!

Repair Café North Saanich is new this year, and ready to welcome you to their organized events that are well prepared for COVID protocols.


10990 West Saanich Rd North Saanich


For regular open hours, check this vendor's website!

Hours of operation


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