The Flavour Trails program promotes and organizes community celebrations that provide opportunities to experience the quality and creativity of the Capital Region’s harvesters, farmers, fishers, food producers, chefs, vintners, cider makers, brewers and distillers.  

By connecting consumers to growers and producers, Flavour Trails contributes to the growth and sustainability of the local food economy, which is at the heart of CRFAIR’s mandate. 

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We’ve reimagined our festival…
as a season, not just a weekend!

Flavour Trails Route Finder

find out more about our farm, food & libation stops, plan your customized route.

This summer, come experience the flavour of our region!

This year North Saanich offers you a season-long, self-guided Flavour Trail route.

Bike, walk or drive down country roads in a thriving working agricultural landscape with this mobile “Flavour Trails road map” in hand.

A variety of choice awaits you: each farmer and food provider sets their own hours and their own offerings. Peruse the map and check out our “Meet Your Makers” digital stories to get a sneak preview.

​Take to the open road and the fresh air of North Saanich. Take home the best flavours of the region & season.

Many farms have free-range chickens so… please consider leaving your dog at home or under leash at all times. Thank you! 


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On the Flavour Trail: 

Summer Wrap-up



Thank you for a wonderful summer Flavour Trails season!

We hope you enjoyed the pleasures of the season: the fava beans and fresh bright greens of early summer, the sweetness of August ripe cantaloupes and figs, the summer classics of tomatoes, basil, sweet corn…the burgeoning local spirits scene with beers, wines and sparkling wines made from the fruits of this soil…this is an area of rich diversity in food production.

 Most of all, we hope you had a chance to connect more deeply with the farmers and food providers: the incredibly hard working bunch who bring passion, careful attention and expertise to their craft. They make our region so unique, beautiful and tasty… thank you for supporting them.

Through fall the farm stands, local retail shops and market still abound. They make for a great day trip exploration. 

all the best, 

the North Saanich Flavour Trail team



The highly popular North Saanich Flavour Trails is a celebratory rural ramble and feast of the senses! Explore by bike or by car and meet the growers, harvesters, fishers, vinters, chefs and producers that are creating an amazingly rich bounty right here in our own backyard!

Visit a farm gate, sample local wines and beer made from the fruits of this land, enjoy music and art, watch dog herding demonstrations and experience farm life past and present. There is so much to enjoy and take home with you!

North Saanich has a superb network of dedicated bicycle paths, bucolic country roads and a merciful lack of hills, making it a bicyclist’s paradise. Come make a day trip of it!

Local food is good food!  Savour and enjoy!