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Sarah Jim Studio

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Sarah Jim is an emerging artist of Coast Salish, Mexican, and Russian-Jewish ancestry, and is a proud member of the W̱SÁNEĆ nation from the Tseycum village. She has received a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria and emulates her love of ethnobotany through her artwork. Tending to the land through ecosystem restoration has resulted in deep insights of the interconnectedness of the natural world and has helped empower Sarah as a W̱SÁNEĆ woman and a Coast Salish artist. Creating place-based artwork allows an alternative way to visually explore the connections between native plant food systems and coastal medicines in relation to the ecosystem and W̱SÁNEĆ culture. 

Monday, August 22 (9am - 1pm) Tseycum Forest Restoration Work Circle hosted by Sarah Jim. Begin the day in circle with Sarah Jim where you will learn about territory, the importance of land restoration and native food systems and we end the day in circle with a lunch in between. Please bring your own lunch, water and gloves if you have any.


To receive location details REGISTRATION REQUIRED at Choose "Connect" and SUBMIT with Subject Line: Flavour Trails Tseycum Forest Restoration and site location details will be sent to you. (NOTE: This is private Jim Family Land)

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