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Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture

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Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture is a place to ignite curiosity, to cultivate wonder and abundance, to foster the next generation of farmers, to welcome and to heal... it is a place to fall madly in love with our local food. We envision food production, programming and research rooted in ecological health and abundance.

1810 Glamorgan Rd North Saanich


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For regular open hours, check this vendor's website!

Hours of operation


Saturday, 27th August  9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Follow the Flags to the Flavour Trails Ol' Fashioned Farm Celebration at Sandown - where you can meet our Farmpreneurs, Shear a sheep, Help build a Scarecrow, Race a Zucchini – it’s what we do for fun on farms! – Blueberries and Ice Cream Bowls, entertainment and more! Click here for a schedule of the day's activities, information, parking, etc.

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