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Howl Brewing

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Howl Brewing is an independently owned and operated pico brewery, located in North Saanich,BC. Our focus is small batch high quality craft beer made from BC grown ingredients. Our ever changing menu reflects the season, as we use fresh local ingredients in our brews. Elderflower Ale with Raspberry, Blackberry Kveik, and Strawberry Hefeweizen are just some of the fresh seasonal beers that we craft. Our selections change regularly!

Being a small brewery, customers can look forward to trying beer styles that are obsolete, beer that showcases local farms, traditional styles, as well as learn about beer from the staff. Join us on the adventure!

Saturday, August 27th & Sunday, August 28 (11am - 5pm)

Seasonal Offerings showcasing Local Farms We are a small batch brewery with an ever changing menu. We showcase local farms and unique beer styles. We have made heirloom tomato saison, carrot ginger fennel saison, chaga spruce lager, ect.. we also have an on going historic beer style series of beer that has almost vanished to the past.

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1780 Mills Road North Saanich


For regular open hours, check this vendor's website!

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