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Holy Trinity Church

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Holy Trinity Church's mission is to be a warm and welcoming community centred in spiritual growth and worship; and to be a tangible witness of God's love through Christian outreach. We are a member of the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia, those Anglican churches found on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and Kingcome Inlet on the Sunshine Coast. Holy Trinity Church captures North Saanich's past 130 years and a history of the pioneering community that settled in the area. Many pioneers of the Saanich Peninsula are buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery where visitors can connect at least 20 area roads and geographic features to those names they will recognize on a tour of the cemetery. An example is "Mills Road" fronting the cemetery. This road was originally called "School House Road" but the name was changed to honour the local farmer and donor. Many plots have no marker stones indicating the names and dates, but there are hand-written receipts, maps, lists and other records made by sextons and wardens over the years.

Sat Aug 27th, 11am - 2pm

Join us for light refreshments and a hosted tour of Holy Trinity Church. Self guided graveyard tours also available. Sun. Aug 28 Join us for 8:30am or 10:00am services - take a spiritual pause at our beautiful "Pat Bay" church before the busy Flavour Trails Sunday starts!

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1319 Mills Rd, North Saanich, BC V8L 5T2

(250) 656-3223

For regular open hours, check this vendor's website!

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