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Kildara Farms


This is a story about a family - mom, dad, three kids - who moved from the city to start a farm -- on an Island, overlooking Deep Cove in North Saanich! Beauty and joy have grown here along with over 300,000 servings of salad greens annually, 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables and family of families -- mom, dad, three kids, partners, spouses and grandhildern live, work and play on a farm. This is a good story about good food! Read more at and look for their certified organic foods at your local farmer markets (North Saanich and Moss St.) and many grocery stores/farmgates throughout Vancouver Island.

Sun Aug 28 10am - 4pm

Visit our Farmgate and wander up the road to the "big barn" to learn about this beautiful farm and orchard where "old world" varieties are a thing of the future! Learn about Kings, Gravensteins and more and connect some of these trees back to their roots -- in England!

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11293 Chalet Rd. North Saanich

(Access by Tatlow Rd. via West Saanich Rd.) 

(250) 655-3093



For regular open hours, check this vendor's website!

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