Ever been curious what people grow in their yards and how?  Ever wanted to ask questions about the nitty gritty of it and learn from those who are growing food in small and big urban spaces?  The Victoria Urban Food-Garden Tour on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2017 is where you want to be!!  This year there are 14 inspiring and diverse home food gardens to choose from — front yards, back yards, allotments, boulevards. From artichokes to zucchini, bees to quail.  The tour spans Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay and Esquimalt, and encompasses a real spectrum of spaces and gardens.  You will be inspired and impressed!

Visits Victoria Urban Food-Garden Tour website for full information and tickets.  Tickets are $15 (kids under 19 free).  There are also 4 bonus free stops/activities on the tour that can be visited without a ticket.  The tour is an awareness-raiser and fundraiser for food security local and global.


Urban Food Garden Tour, Sept 9, 2017

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