North Saanich Farm Market

Start your Flavour Trail weekend @ North Saanich Farm Market

Start your North Saanch Flavour Trail weekend on Saturday morning at the North Saanich Farm Market. “Stock up on the bounty of fresh veggies, baking, lamb, fish and crafts the peninsula has to offer. Everbearing strawberries, raspberries, apples, pears, sweet corn, crispy carrots and beets, tomatoes in every size and colour, fresh salmon and shrimp, lots of lamb products – and of course, fresh baked cakes, pies, scones, breads and cookies! HEDGEROW PRESS will be back, and CHEEKY ROBIN makes their first appearance with spectacular fabric cushions. Come for the food, stay for the music (THE BALD EAGLES are back!) and the company! Our featured Plein Air Artist: SAM BOEHNER”

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