There are 11 sites open on the Flavour Trail today (Sunday). Here’s a quick overview of special tour times – check the Flavour Trail web page for details for all venues, including hours.

> Centre for Plant Health: Tours at 9am, 10am and 11am
> Dominion Brook Park (next door the Centre for Plant Health): Tours at 10 am, 11am, and 12 noon
> Documentary film “Food Security: It’s In Your Hands” (Nick Versteeg) at 1pmĀ  at the Pavilion Centre for Plant Health
> Wine and Words at Domaine Rochette: Carolyn Herriot, 11am; Bruce and Logan and Elaine Head, 11:45am; Anny Scoones, 12:30pm, Wally du Temple, 1:45pm
> Demos at Snowdon House at 12 noon (yogourt & ricotta cheese) and 2pm (olive oil bread)
> Permaculture tour at 2pm at Wild Edge Garden Farm
> Tours at Roost Farm Centre from 11am to 2 pm
> Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) at Russell Nursery
> Art in the vineyard at Muse, First Nations art at the Pat Bay Trading Post, pie and ice cream at Cartref Gardens and greens at Greene’s Farm…


Lots to do and see today on the Flavour Trail

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