Sunday, September 8, 2103 @ Madrona Farm

“Come and watch the hottest chefs in Victoria participate in what has been coined a ‘culinary arts performance’.  100% of the proceeds will benefit farmland conservation. Cheer on your favorite chefs as they prove their dedication to local and sustainable ingredients and the lengths they will go to protect the farmland that provides them.  This Event is over the top hilarious, and all for a good cause – farmland conservation.  The Chefs hurdle haystacks, hang, balance, monkey bar, zip line, race in boats to condiment island and forage over the 24 acres to bring you the most entertaining culinary event in Victoria! Come and Cheer on your favorite chefs as they create their masterpieces all on camping gear in their open field style cooking demonstration.” For more information, visit the Challenge website.

Chef Survival Challenge