Experiencing food with all of the senses!

Farm to table dinners are glorious!  You know that when you sit down at that long, linen-clad table graced with country flowers and the sweet smells of summer,  you are going to be honoured with the most delicious, in-season, locally sourced food around.

And what if we took that one step further?  What if with that glorious food, you met the growers who grew it and the hands that made it?  What if you heard the stories of the people, place and passion that brought it to your table?  And what if these “people”, these farmers, were also chefs?  Would the food not take on a life of its own?  Would the stories not feed the flavours?

And what if you situated this scene along the edges of vineyard reaching ripeness?  With sultry jazz of a local chartreuse?  Would all of your senses be singing in delight?

Ah, the answers to these
questions are ones to ponder! And the GALA Farm to Table festival launch dinner of the North Saanich Flavour Trails Festival might just be the place to answer them.  4-course, 5 farmer/chefs, Deep Cove Winery, Christina Helene jazz.  $65.  Wine for sale. Tickets here at:  Brown Paper Tickets